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Defining Beauty, No Foundation Needed
Are you looking for flawless skin perfection?

Go skin deep with photofacials, collagen boosting technology and at-home medical grade skin care products.
Perfect Skin for Only $1699
Package Includes:

3 - Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Photo Rejuvenation
3 - Sublatives
1 - ZO Anti-Aging Starter Kit
Defying Time...One Wrinkle at a Time
Imagine if you could turn back time in a matter of minutes!

Erase fine lines and wrinkles then add volume for cheeks that pop or lips that rock. The choice is yours!
Say Goodbye to Wrinkles - Hello Volume for Only $1899
Package Includes:

30 Units - Botox Treatment
2 Syringes - Filler
1 - ZO Anti-Aging Starter Kit
Bare Skin
Treat yourself to less time shaving and more time showing off your beautiful skin!

Complete laser hair removal in the areas that matter most. Best of all, add timeless skin protection with Elta MD Body Sunscreen.
Rid Yourself of Tedious Shaving for Only $2499
Package Includes:

6 - Bikini Treatments
6 - Underarm Treatments
6 - Full Leg Treatments
1 - Full Size Elta MD Sunscreen
Hand Renewal
It's time for you to bring life back into your hands!

Restore the life back in your hands with our excellent IPL and Lyft technology.
Complete Hand Renewal for Just $1499
Package Includes:

3 Syringers - Restylane Lyft
1 - IPL Photo Rejuvenation for Each Hand
Say Goodbye to Stubborn Belly Fat
Experience the coolest treatment around by freezing away stubborn belly fat in the abdomen area!

Boost your results with a detoxifying body treatment or a collagen boosting laser.
Freeze Away Stubborn Belly Fat for Only $3999
Package Includes:

CoolSculpting Treatments - 8 Regular Cycles OR 4 Advantage Plus Cycles
1 - Dermal Infusion for Abdomen OR 1 - Skin Tightening Treatment
Ultimate Beauty Glow
Tired of dull skin? Indulge in our Red Carpet Treatment!

Boost your skin's potential with invigorating peels, deep skin hydration and dermaplaning to remove dead skin cells.
Bring Your Skin Back to Life for Just $599
Package Includes:

1 - ZO Stimulator Peel
3 - Dermal Infusions
1 - Dermaplaning
Membership - VIP Club
Join the VIP Club at Contour MedSpa by signing up for our membership package. Enjoy phenomenal discounts, member only treatments, and free giveaways.
What OUR VIP Members Receive:
- Buys you a year's worth of savings to ALL of your services and Skin Care Products
- 25% off CoolSculpting Treatments
- 25% off Laser Hair Removal Treatments
- 20% off Peels, Dermal Infusions, and Facials
- 10% off Skin Rejuvenation Treatments (IPL Sublative)
- 10% off All Injectables
- 10% off Skin Care Products
- VIP invites to all special events and pricing
- A Free Birthday Express Exfoliation Featuring ZO Invisapeel
- A Free Elta MD Sunscreen in the Summer
- One Free Photofacial (IPL or Dermal Infusion)
Our Commitment
Contour your body with Confidence! At Contour MedSpa, we are dedicated to helping our clients feel more confident than ever before! We are committed to helping you achieve the results that you want.
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